Guinness World Record Attempt - Most weight squat lifted in one hour

By Andrew Webb

I'm raising funds for the Aspect South Coast School in Wollongong NSW.

My eldest son Callum has been an Aspect student since 2015, and Aspect has made an enormous contribution to our lives. 

Different people raise funds in different ways. Some walk or run long distances, some swim, some cycle, some dance, some sing. I'm not particularly good at any of these things, though I am quite good at lifting up heavy things and putting them back down again.

The current world record for the most weight squat lifted in one hour is 57,717.36kg.. or the equivalent of two fully loaded cement trucks.. in one hour!

Seeing that, in order to break this record, I will need to lift in the vacinity of 60,000kgs, I thought an appropriate fundraising target should be $60,000, or a dollar per kg. 

I am looking for contributions, big and small, and and can guarantee you that 100% of your funds will be going to a very worthy recipient. 



Thank you to my Supporters


Barbara Hemingway

Good luck! Sounds like fun - not!


Ben Turner

How many Wheat Bix will you need for this challenge? Enjoy yourself.


Andrew Webb

Let’s kick this off...


Goran Joveski


Daniel Degrassi

I assume you’re lifting 1000kg x 60 reps?


Michael Harmer


Jane Warren