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From bake sales, hikes, games nights, or going vice-free for a month - the world is your oyster! Come up with your own fundraising idea or join one of our events.

If you're thinking of hosting a raffle, you'll need an Authority to Fundraise from Aspect. Use the Raffle Fundraiser Assistant to learn more and apply for a fundraising authorisation letter.

Create an online fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page and share your story - why are you IN IT for autism? Show your network why you're passionate about creating a world where no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind. 

Spread the word - share, share, share!

Make your first donation and then ask your network of friends, family and colleagues for support using text, email or social media!

The funds

Funds raised may go to Aspect's world-class research program, adult community services, autism friendly equipment and necessities for our schools, as well as early childhood support. 

Online vs Offline fundraising

Setting up an online fundraising page is the easiest way to start fundraising.

Going online is a social media-friendly way to fundraise and a great promotion tool. It's easy to provide your supporters with a link to your page via email or text.

For offline fundraising activities, you will need an Authority to Fundraise letter which allows you to fundraise on behalf of Aspect. If you are not creating an online page, please contact the Community Fundraising team at or fill in your Fundraising Proposal with your planned fundraising activity and email it to us.

You can also call us on 1800 288 476 (AUTISM).

Our team will contact you to discuss your fundraising idea and give you any help you need. We will provide bank details and steps on how to make a direct deposit to our bank account.

For information about how to plan your event, event checklist, how to deposit money and what resources are available to visit our Tips and tools page.

Burpees for autism

Ashlee was inspired to fundraise as her little boy Logan was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum in 2014, and in 2016 began receiving fortnightly speech therapy and occupational therapy with Aspect. Ashlee says that receiving therapy at such a young age has helped Logan achieve goals they were told weren’t possible. Logan started school at Aspect South Coast School in 2018 and since then, has gone from strength to strength. 

On World Autism Awareness Day, Ashlee's partner Jess did one burpee for every dollar they raised, leading to a total of 677 burpees over approximately 4.5 hours! Ashlee provided regular live updates so that friends and family were able to cheer Jess along, and Logan helped do a few burpees too. Ashlee exceeded her goal of $500, raising $677 for Aspect!

Shave your beard!

For over a year, Jordan grew his enviable beard and started an online fundraising campaign to collect donations, as well as throwing an official beard shaving party! His goal was to raise $500 but in the end, Jordan raised an amazing $3,464!

Jordan says that autism is close to his heart because of his cousin Keean’s diagnosis at an early age, and support from organisations such as Aspect which has meant Keean has made incredible progress in becoming a healthy, thriving and self-sufficient young man.

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