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COVID-19 has had an impact on so many things in our society today and we understand that being socially isolated can remove you from the things you find joy and pleasure in – including friends, family, school and exercise.

With that in mind, here are some fun ideas to keep you connected and active while supporting IN IT for AUTISM so that no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind.

How to have fun at home?

Step 1

Choose your activity or physical challenge

Step 2

Set up your page

Step 3

Plan, invite and stay connected

Ways to BE IN IT and get involved at home

How to cope with Covid-19

Discussions and concerns around the coronavirus outbreak and practising self-isolation can be stressful and impact our mental health and wellbeing. It’s natural to feel a range of emotions, such as stress, worry, anxiety, boredom, or low mood. Many people feel distressed by the constant news and overwhelming amount of information about the situation.

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Take your DIY event online and make it virtual!

Virtual Tea Party

Get your bake on with your friends, family and loved ones. You can even create a theme and dress up to make it more fun.

Virtual Cooking Challenge with Friends

Organise an online event, do a cooking demonstration and your friends can vote on the presentation and skills involved. No pressure!

Virtual Dress Up or Dress Down Challenge

Organise a Zoom/WhatsApp meeting with your friends or colleagues and wear something fun to lift the mood – new head wear, mufti, superheroes, villains, cocktail hour dress and have some fun at the same time!

Isolation Beard Challenge

If you have always fancied growing your beard or a moustache – now’s your chance. No need to shave if you are not surrounded by your colleagues and clients. Set up your fundraiser and then organise a shaving party. See our case study of Jordan and what inspired him to do so.

Virtual Book Club

If you are missing your regular Book Club meetings – get together online and start discussing your findings!

Virtual Games Tournament

It’s easy as setting up a zoom meeting, get your questions ready for your quiz and have a laugh! If you can’t come up with any ideas, why not have a House Party and everything is set up for you. Pictionary has never been more fun!

Virtual Wine Tasting

Organise the wines to be tasted, get your score cards ready and let the tasting begin. Everyone gets a score card and there could even be a bottle of wine for the winner! Don’t forget the cheese and crackers!

Physical Challenges

Exercise is beneficial for the physical and mental health of adults and children on the autism spectrum. Research tells us that exercise can help Autistic people:

  • manage emotions
  • improve cognition and attention
  • improve quality of life.

Create Your Own Physical Challenge

Ride, walk, run, swim or get physical in your own way!

Exercises can be chosen based on interests and abilities. While one person might like a long run,
someone else might enjoy video-game based exercise like the Wii. See below for some handy tips:

Have fun!

Choose a physical activity you enjoy.

Introduce the activity

into your daily routine (e.g. do some stretches at 3pm every day)

Make the activities predictable

or structured (e.g. do the same running route)

Some other ideas to get you started

Spell your name

Download your workout for kids and adults

Freeze dance

dance when the music plays and freeze when the DJ stops the music


Be a Game Hero - 24-hour gaming marathon

  1. Choose date for your challenge
  2. Take part as a team or go solo
  3. Set up your fundraising page
  4. Get sponsored by friends and family
  5. Choose your console, pick games you will pay and get ready
  6. On the day stream your game place and post on social media/message/email your support network

COVID-19 has had an impact on so many things in our community.

We need to make sure our most vulnerable in the autism community continue to be supported and now, more than ever, we need to be able to fund the services and programs we provide to make sure Autistic people of all ages don’t get left behind.