Vxxibn's 12 hour charity stream

By Vex

I’m doing it my way to help people on the autism spectrum.

Hey everyone! As you know (hopefully) I am Vex or Vxxibn! 

I'm helping to raise funds for the amazing charity called Aspect Australia to help provide the BEST opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum, from tailored educational support to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments.

The month of April is Autism Acceptance month! But we are here every other day of the year, do not forget us <3>

Thank you so much for even coming to check out the donation page, remember to tell me in chat that you donated so i can check! (aspect aren't signed up with the steamlabs charity so I don't get stream notifications)

Thank you to my Supporters


Mr Russell Hammant

There you go Vex, what was the $250 reward!?! Buster_5265


Lollie Ray

Love from Ray Romano xo &lt;3





Congrats on your charity stream! This is an awesome cause. Good luck for the rest of the stream!!





I love you, I believe in you, this is an amazing thing you're doing and I'm super proud of you &lt;3


Cheesy Wine

Love this charity! So proud of you for raising money for this cause &lt;3 xx


Aliyah :3

Beautiful work &lt;3