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By Linda Thompson

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Hello there!
Hello to my friends, family & small businesses, 
I've just realised how quickly Autism Awareness Month is fast approaching and it is something close to my heart  as I started my business a few years ago to help raise funds for my daughters therapy as she has Autism level 3 non verbal and sensory processing disorder with global developmental delay. 

I'm creating a fund-raiser for Autism Australia something that is close to my heart and home,  as my daughter has been diagnosed with Level 3 Autism and hope to share and encourage our journeys and learning more about Autism and support this important non for profit organisation that helps many and their families.

So, throughout March we will gathering as much as possible so we can support this important event and those that donate funds towards this cause will go into a draw that will be drawn on the 28th of April 2022.

It is also an opportunity for small business to support this cause and get there name out there, I will mention your small business and ask for those that would like to participate to do the same and like and share our small businesses socials and for others to make a donation towards Autism Australia to be part of this fund raiser..

I’d appreciate any contribution, big or small all  funds will help a great non for profit organisation being Autism Australia.

Donations made through this platform are secure and will be remitted directly through to my charity of choice.

So together let's all make a difference and make a difference ❤

I’m doing it at my workplace for autism!

Help support a Raffle for Autism Awareness created by 

Micro Small Businesses in 𝑨𝒖𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒂  

This is a very important event throughout April, to help raise funds for In It for Autism being Autism Awareness Month.  

Many micro-small businesses have come together and donated there time, gifts and vouchers towards a hamper. Many of us who have donated also have Autistic loved ones, so an important cause that is very close to all our hearts.

Throughout April we are asking if you can donate directly to In It for Autism to be in the draw for this fantastic hamper. Keep in mind anything over $2.00 donated is also tax deductible and this is a cause that helps so many people of all ages.

How can I buy my ticket/s for the draw?

1.  Make a donation of your choice here to In It for Autism

2. Choose the amount that you wish to donate, for every $5.00 donated you get 1 ticket eg, $1- $5 = 1 ticket $6-$10 = 2 tickets $11-$15 = 3 tickets etc.

3. DONATE directly to In It for Autism and the amount you wish to gift to this important cause then SCREENSHOT or take a photo of your confirmation (this MUST include your name, the amount you donated and the time/date) 

Please erase confidential information, although we will take care to the best of our ability all your information provided.

4. COMMENT and add your confirmation photo in the post on Sweet N Sassy Delights page or if you prefer you can also privately message us on the Sweet N Sassy Delights page with these details.

5.     Then we will message you your entry number, Goodluck 🙂

How will you know if you have won?

Everyone will be sent raffle number/s from myself or my support team, according to the donated amount (1 ticket for every $5.00) is the number of tickets you will receive.

On the  of Saturday 28th of April, a number will be drawn and posted live on our page at Sweet N Sassy Delights, if you are the winner via random number generator. 

Please contact us by messenger with your postage details and we will send you the tracking details once received of these great handmade treasures for this hamper. 

Why support In It for Autism 

Did you know 1 in 70 people are Autistic in Australia!

IN IT for  Autism  helps  to raise funds to support people of all ages and help to provide opportunities to those  on the autism spectrum of all ages, and their families

IN IT for Autism helps to build awareness about autism while supporting and encouraging understanding and acceptance. 


Together we can make a difference ❤

Sweet n Sassy Delights 



Help me reach my goal. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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Hope u raise a bucket load of money xxxx



Such a great cause!