By Drakkar Thompson

I’m doing it my way to help people on the autism spectrum.

I'm helping to raise funds to help provide the best opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum, from tailored educational support to fulfilling work lives and improved social environments.

This is something that I hold very close to my heart. My son has Autism, this has opened my eyes to a whole new beautiful world and I want to do everything I can to help and support this community. 

On the 2nd of April, Autism Awareness Day. I will be streaming live on Twitch for 12 hours. I will do my part to spread awareness and share my stories and answer any questions anyone might have. 

Help me reach my goal. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you 

Thank you to my Supporters


Michael M


Dorla Shephard

Donated with love! Mal-mal


Thomas Burleson

Miss you bro! Hope the best for you!


Micole Russell

Hello nephew. I'm donating $50. Love what you are doing.


Matt Green


Cole Wilson


Arwen Carroll

Such a wonderful cause - good on you Dra!


David Farner



Monqiue Rennett

Not a baller like your fam lol good on you for doing this! :)