Brad's Ride For Autism

By Brad Miller

Thanks so much everyone for everything!

Words cannot express how I feel about how this journey went. It had its ups and downs and its now nearing completion.

Huge thanks to everyone that had sponsored. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

These include:
* O'Brien's Hot Bake Bakery
* New Oceanic
* Industry 33
* Macarthur Real Estate
* Alan Border Automotive
* Melba's Bakehouse and Eatery

Thanks very much to all the other people and businesses and donated. Sorry if I missed them in this list, but I am exceptionally grateful for everyone's support. It means the world to me that I planned this journey, tried this journey, got through it, and got through it really well.

Monday ride update

Managed to crank out almost another 21km biking, well in this case riding inside. Hoping the final days doing the fundraiser go well :)

Friday update.

After a setback involving my own personal bike, got back into riding. Managed to rack up a few Ks on Thursday as well as on Friday on the gym bikes.

Managed about 7km on Thursday, which was fine. Had some tire issues with my bike, hence no ride for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Monday ride update

Due to heavy rain overnight, did around 9-ish KM inside. Am hoping to get some riding in outdoors at least this week.

Friday bike ride.

Due to previous problems with my social group bikes, cranked out an hour at the gym. Was quite exhausting but worth it. Also rode 10km to and fro my social activities this week.

Saturday update

Throughout the week, kept riding as much as I can in my spare time. Rode to and from my day activities, plus thrashed out on the exercise bike at the gym on Friday 10km. Ran into yet another mishap when using the Hub bikes again, so resorted to the exercise bikes at gym to at least rack up some K's.

Special thanks to the following businesses that donated:

* Macarthur Real Estate
* Melba's Bakehouse and Eatery

Everyone's support is appreciated. Thank you so much for the warm words and support. I cannot again thank you all enough.

Tuesday update.

Facebook link:

Did some riding this past Sunday and today. Monday was with its own problems, such as my seat being un-lodged from its post, thus being forced to work back to my starting point (was intending to ride from wetlands, it being a 7km ride, only ended up getting 1k before things fell apart).
Rode around my neighborhood on Sunday. Was a quite nice ride at least. Ended up being 7km in length or so.

Week update.

After Monday's rides, did some extra rides in my spare time, one which involved riding inside due to the lack of access to said bikes.

Such journals can be found here:

Monday ride update

Facebook link:

Monday started off quite eventful. My support worker Chantelle and I started our bike ride this morning from the Hub to the Riverina Playhouse and back. Whilst on our journey, we came to a steep hill, and one of Chantelle's brake cables broke. She did well to come to a safe stop and still be on her feet.
She got back up and continued to ride with me. On the way back from the Playhouse, one of her bike peddles came off. We tried threading it back on the crankshaft and continued (it came off a very short while after). In good spirits, Chantelle walked her bike while I continued on my way, stopping every so often to check on her (she was not hurt in any way).
All in all it was a fun experience and we laughed the whole way. I would like to thank again those that have donated since the last post, your support is appreciated.

Thanks so much and Ride update.


Thanks so much to everyone that has got behind me so far and donated πŸ™‚
I would like to thank KAFE BLA9K and Alan Gamble Automotive for getting behind me. Its great when small businesses get behind someone's goals for people in the community like myself. Not to mention all the other people who have also got behind me and donated.
I cannot thank you all enough for the support, it means a massive amount to me.
Today I kicked off with a ride from Empower Riverina's North Wagga hub to the Marrambidya Wetland and back. It was quite a nice ride, though I did come across a very bossy duck πŸ˜›. All in all it was a very nice morning ride, and I am very eager to do much more rides around the city.
Thank you all!!!

Thanks so much everyone!

Hi everyone!
I am exceptionally grateful and overwhelmed at the support so far. I have never expected such a great response and I am deeply grateful for everyone who has so far donated.
I have to admit its been an emotional roller-coaster seeing so much generosity and support from the community, especially at such an early stage. This fundraiser so far has
vastly surpassed my expectations and it only has been the beginning.
Special shoutouts to the following businesses for donating:
* Alan Border Automotive.
I cannot thank everyone enough again for supporting me for raising money for Autism Spectrum Australia.

I’m doing it my way to help people on the autism spectrum.

Hi, my name is Brad Miller.

I've picked this organization because it is close to my heart as I am a person with autism and I wanted people to know we are capable of achieving anything and everything given enough determination and support.

I've picked a cycling challenge because I wanted to challenge myself and show kids or people with autism that you can do it. I want society to know that people with autism are just like everyone else and that we can achieve things and break stigmas of what people with autism can and cannot do. I also want society to accept us for who we are.

My goal is to raise $1000 but any little bit at all helps. :)

Help me reach my goal. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Novus Glass Wagga

Congratulations on your achievements Brad. Never give up!


Brad Miller


Brad Miller


Michelle Ceely


Gwendoline Christie’s Wife

You go brad!


Zara Beasy

So proud of you Brad!


Chris Bryant


Alan Gamble Automotive

Keep up your fluids, drink lots of water.


Rick Joiner

Well done Brad!!!!!!


Isaac Erbacher

Keep up the good work mate, you’re killing it. We are all so proud of you!


Michelle Ceely


Michelle Ceely

Congratulations Brad and Chantelle.πŸ’ͺ🚴‍β™‚οΈπŸš΄‍♀️ You made your goal.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Well done


Rose Support Coordination

So proud of you Brad you've done an amazing job and absolutely killed it!!



Very proud of you. Wonderful effort


Michelle Dart

We’ll done Brad


Rodney T Veigel


Jacob Howard

Keep up the great work! Don't forget to take a Brake if you get Tyre-d! πŸ™Œ


Tony Alexander


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Nikita Selby


The Howie Family

What a legend, good on you Brad! Hope you get to your $1000


Ruth Hackett


Maxine Adams

Well done Brad, so proud of you! Drew & Maxine




Meaghan Harbright

Well done Brad!!


Leah N


Chantelle Ceely

You did it Brad! So proud of you!! Was a a great experience to be on this journey with you I admire your strength and determination Brad!


Derrialeen Ede

Enjoy your ride