Longest Minecraft Marathon Attempt

By Pingoo

Where you can Watch

Hello if you would like to watch me attempt this record live It will be streamed in it's entirety at http://twitch.tv/prmtcpingoo
All donations given to my personal account through twitch will also be donated to this fundraiser too!

I’m doing it my way to help people on the autism spectrum.

I'm helping to raise funds because autism is a huge part of my family, with 2 of my siblings suffering autism and myself being in the process of getting tested as well. And seeing how far destigmatizing has come in the autism community in the last 20 odd years is amazing and so I'd like to do my part to help provide opportunities for people of all ages to be supported.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Levi Waters

Officially Amazing bb. Good work <3


Alana Corvan


Scott Spratt


Dean Ogden


Orlagh Corvan

Good work lads :)




Ursula Corvan

Well done, supporting my grandson John Corvan who helped


Scooter Ryan



Hannah Clarke

Hope your stream goes well x


Thomas O


Seb Ogden



Way to go Tom. Lots of love Kristie, Heath and Bailey.